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Month: September 2012

2000 Audi TT OBDC code P1136

My Audi TT is now 12 years old. I’m it’s second owner – and I’ve driven it for nearly 7 years now. It’s a classic German designed vehicle, with italian electronics (lambourgini), a modified Porche frame, and assembled in Hungary. The only thing designed by Audi other than the body shell is the 1.8T engine itself – which was used in most of VW’s entire fleet before going to a 2.0 T model in 2005. I was driving out to the hills in the pre-dawn Sunday morning, hoping to catch the rising sun in Austin above the Pennbacker Bridge without any clouds. Along the way, while cruising at 70mph my little Audi TT lost almost total power and most of the lights on the driver’s display illumninated. “Oh Crap!” I said out loud while turning off the radio. I thought the timing belt had broken – as the engine had no power at all. I turned on my emergency blinkers and pulled over to the shoulder and stopped. It was then that I noticed that the car was still running, at a normal IDLE. “Okay, at least it’s not a timing belt” and I sat there and pondered what was happening. It was very early – the sun wasn’t even close to coming up. I called the house phone. The wife didn’t answer. I called her cell phone. The...

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