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Month: November 2012

A Little Wiggle In My Waddle

I went on a short camping trip with my father last week in the Texas Hill Country.   Many of the pictures that I came back with contained reflections of nature in water.   My plan was to catch a grand picture encompassing the raw beauty from a hilltop vista, looking down on a valley.   I did find this picture.  In fact, the giant vista panorama was impressive, but it paled when I compared it to those of the tranquility of the Frio River. Looking at these pictures now is a rejuvenating experience for me.   We enjoyed three days of near...

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The Creation of Life and the Life of Creation

  Yesterday I had a “feeling” about visiting the San Antonio River Walk.   Don’t ask me why.  I just did.  I’m psychic.  Well, some might call it psychic.   I might call it “in-tune” with a small inner-voice, a prompting if you will.  We’re all endowed with this gift from God.  Call it an intuition or a gut check if you must.   Whatever you want to call it – that’s what prompted me to get up at 4am this morning, take a quick shower and drive to San Antonio.    Further, I had a vision of fog on the river walk.  ...

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