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Month: December 2015

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are like a business plan for the soul.  When you write your new year business plan, set clear goals and objectives that are critical for your success in the new year.   You should do this because having clear goals will provide you with a path to success in meeting those goals.   This, in turn, will provide reasonable confidence that you can meet your goals and make your new year resolutions of 2016 the best yet. When you write your New Years Resolutions for 2016, it’s important to review what worked and didn’t work in...

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Installing WordPress: My Take

Introduction My profession has been described as a cat herder.  I started out as a technical writer because of my legal education and technical background.  I have a Red Hat Linux certification, among a few others (Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft) under my belt.  I became the webmaster for a large organization that has over a million website visits per year.   My communications role is to make the complicated simple.  If I don’t know something, it’s my job to find the answer, or find people who know the answer.  I am one of my organizations creative problem solvers for technical...

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Empty Shoes

‘Do you see the shoes?” “Yeah, I see ‘em.” They were there. Alone.  They were in front of the couch, as if someone placed them together, spaced equally apart. The couch was next to an oxygen machine, it’s water reservoir filled with liquid, a layer of dust covering the top. In front was a coffee table, with some magazines which were also covered in dust, their titles obscured and unreadable. An old tube television was on the opposite wall, with a pair of rabbit antenna on the back. Clearly, the owner was not a subscriber to cable TV. Dan...

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A Perspective on Life

“Oh, by the way – did I tell you?   I’m engaged!”    Yeah, she actually said that to me.  She was holding up her hand showing me a ring with a huge rock on it.   I was a 21 year old US Marine Corporal, just home from an overseas deployment.  I had taken her out for lunch the day after my return from overseas, and she uttered those words.  She and I had written to each other every week for nearly eight months while I was gone.  I had even used an ancient Telegram service to send...

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Fruitcake For Everybody!

My unintended task – which I started on a whim and doesn’t exactly involve fruitcake – is to write at least 500 words a day on any subject for 32 days straight.   This is somewhat like the photographers challenge of taking a photograph every day for 365 days.   Today is Christmas and this is day 5 of my personal challenge.   I started down this road in order to get in the habit of writing every day.   After 32 days, I’ll either continue writing 500 words a day, or perhaps limit myself to 4 or 5...

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