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Month: January 2016

Honey and Bacon Grease

Honey is akin to bee snot, regurgitated bee spit, or bee beer.  It’s also a good sugar substitute.  Isn’t it amazing how we describe essential ingredients in the modern kitchen.  The common ingredient of honey either devolves and evolves as we choose to use it, and how we choose to describe it. The stages of ingredient descriptions in the kitchen evolve from the newly discovered fad, to mainstream acceptance, and then anachronistic rejection.  Any ingredient in the kitchen, whether it’s honey or bacon grease, is used in a similar manner but for the names used to describe them.   ...

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The Power of Knowledge

i read a blog post yesterday that addressed a method of finding people who have a similar worldview and gathering them in the fastest way possible.  The post was written by a very successful blogger and his suggestion was somewhat unique in my mind.    Basically, he advised that you should 1) pick a divisive and controversial topic, 2) choose a position on the topic, 3) write with passion about your choice and stand-by your choice, 4) watch the fireworks ensue, and 5) the people who share your worldview will surround you.  It seems to me that this is...

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Week One Update

Today is Sunday and I promised to write a weekly update on my personal goal accomplishments each week.   This is my first report on the subject.  I’ve been busy this past week with projects at work, as well as at home.  I was able to write well in excess of 500 words per day for this blog most of the week, though I skipped a couple days for other projects. On the health front, I was able to walk in excess of three miles per day every day this week, except Saturday when I only walked two and...

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Sports on a Sunday Afternoon

There are several methods to prepare a household for watching sports on a Sunday afternoon.   The Super Bowl is fast approaching and the World Series is anticipated later in the year.   One must practice these methods in order to master their use before the big day arrives.   While largely second nature to most sports enthusiasts, whether they are male or female, their use might require a substantial investment in time and money.  First, watching sports requires the proper equipment.  While some people still rely upon the use of fingers – you should have both spoons and forks available for...

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Twitter and Social Media Etiquette

Hard Lessons Learned I must admit that I’m not a social media expert and that lessons here have been learned by first-hand trial and error.   In fact, I’ve been surprised by some of the vocabulary used online.   Others have suggested that I use the online urban dictionary if I’m unsure of the meaning of terms or usage.   And a welcome suggestion it was.   I’m embarrassed to realize that an IT Professional was clueless that the meaning of words can be so different than what i thought.  Nevertheless, I’ve been asked why I share things online....

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