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Month: August 2016

Happiness is a Banana

It might be an over-generalized thought commonly known throughout the world, but why should I be any different.   Everyone wants to be happy and live life in a carefree manner. Crazy vegans in San Fransisco who have convinced themselves that they are reincarnated aristocracy find happiness standing in line at a local salad buffet.  There are some fighter pilots who would love to play a game of supersonic chicken at 38,000 feet in an F-14 Tomcat.   It seems rather self-evident to me, therefore, that the principal question for human beings regarding a happy life is somewhat dependent upon...

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More Bacon = Success

As we progress in age during life, it seems we strive to do things that would be impossible to achieve even in our youth. We sign up for aerobic classes where we jump up and down in sync to the latest music, which really isn’t music.  We promise to learn to speak pig latin fluently, but wind up speaking a version of bastardized Spanish while ordering tacos.  “Sí, me gustaría dos tacos favor” We remember our youth, before we knew what it was like to be butt naked in a hospital gown, when we ran three miles without thinking about...

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