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Month: January 2017

The Evening That Came To Soon

Habits Habits in our daily lives can be lost when someone we know dies.   This is especially true if the death involves a family member with whom we developed a daily habit in our life.   Kelli Burbank Hysell is my sister-in-law, who recently passed one evening.  I use the present tense “is” because I believe, as a Christian, that death can not take that which cannot die.  Kelli lives in the hearts of those who love her, and with whom she shared her love during life.  As a brother by law and somewhat removed from the dynamics of having family within easy driving distance, I want to share what I know about the life and death of Kelli. She didn’t expect to die a couple of weeks after her 46th birthday, and we didn’t expect to say goodbye so soon without warning. How We Live How Kelli died isn’t as important as how she lived, how she loved, and how she managed to be a matriarch and alpha sister.   She stood tall among her peers as a strong and resolute woman who loved unconditionally, shared generously, and acted courageously.   Her husband relied upon her for guiding their family – as he worked hard to provide her complete freedom to organize family finances and direct their path in life.  Her children relied upon her guidance, and even when they displayed...

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Secure a WordPress Website using Plugins

Introduction WordPress is reported to power over 25 percent of all websites that are found on the web, making it the most popular content management system used on the internet.  That is an outstanding statistic which speaks to the utility and usability of WordPress.  Bloggers and businesses alike use it because it’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’s very useful.  In fact, this blog uses it.  Much like the popularity of Windows, however, the downside of this success is that WordPress is a huge target for hackers, plugin application exploits and spam attacks. Bad people do bad things. ...

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Dad’s Easy Yeast Rolls

This is a yeast roll recipe that is used in our house for rolls and bread. Different than most, it has a high fat content with shortening and eggs. This is a consistent bread – and you will crave these rolls as no other. Make enough for everybody – or you’l be sorry....

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