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Month: March 2017

Texas Hill Country Wildflower Tour 2017

The Texas Hill Country comes alive each Spring with wildflowers.  Wildflower season also coincides with Austin’s SXSW festival, which welcomes worldwide visitors from various industries: high tech, music, film, and the arts.   The fact that SXSW happens at the same time is a rainmaker for communities in the Texas Hill Country.   Given what I witnessed, the uptick in road traffic in the Hill Country also attracts attention of the Texas Troopers.  A word of advice: drive the speed limit, drive friendly, and make sure your insurance is up to date. Watch for Rattlesnakes Abundant opportunities exist for you to...

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Studio Update

I’m currently about 80% done towards completion of my studio.  Unfortunately, I’ve hit some snags and unexpected challenges.   These are primarily related to covering the previous wall colors evenly and without splotchy effects.  Perhaps I should have used a traditional primer coat.  As it is, I purchased 3 gallons of Behr Premium Plus Ultra White Flat Matte interior paint at Home Depot.  The product claims to be both a primer and paint in one solution. While these claims appear to be true when covering light neutral colors, it is harder to justify with darker primary colors.  I had calculated...

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Road Trip to Waco

Taking a road trip with the purpose of creating a YouTube video to share with family is a different experience.  Normally, going on a road trip at our house involves having a different goal in mind, such as visiting with family or friends, with the ancillary goal of taking photographs or looking for perspective.    Cold and Rain Our recent trip to Waco Texas, however, was different on a number of levels – the least of which was that it was to Waco.  Seriously. Secondly, it was cold and raining.  The original intent in visiting Waco included visiting area...

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