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Month: May 2017

Art is Life

This post is written in a style to avoid an overly ponderous post due to my mother’s recent death. I believe what I write – and even though I might be in a deep valley, I’m walking out by writing and creating art. Thanks! There are three artistic elements of our existence that must be exercised regularly during our lives: Body, Mind, and Soul. The body is primary in the physical existence that we know as life.   The body, a marvel of biological engineering, contains everything that makes us, us.   Our genetic DNA and our conscious mind, and even...

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A Touchstone of Faith

A touchstone is a fine-grained piece of jasper used to determine the purity of gold by the color of the mark it leaves when rubbed against it.  We have faith in the mark.   We also use the term in other aspects of life to describe the standard by which we judge things, people, and circumstances. Last week my mother died, one week after her sister Shirley died, and 3 months after the death of my sister-in-law, Kelli.   This could very well be the story of three families who all lost their mother.  We are all coping with the...

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