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Month: August 2017

Texas Flood

The Texas Hill Country floods every year. The response is always the same. The flood in Houston is bigger – but the response is the same. We’re Texans.

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Art and Spirit

My mother died almost 4 months ago. Something strange happened today when I was deciding what subject I was going to choose to draw. I opened a drawer that had been closed prior to my mother’s death and removed a couple of sketches that she had completed – horses…. Watch the video. I maybe looked at my mother’s sketches a total of 2 minutes before I put them away.   The intent of my putting them away was to save them so that I could copy them at a later date and create an oil painting of them in...

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Add Titles and Essential Graphics in Premiere Pro CC 2017

This video demonstrates how to add titles during a video as well as a lower third from the essential graphics panel in Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC 2017.   I love using Adobe’s creative cloud. A FIRST FOR EVERYTHING This is my first tutorial screencast. Part of the process of sharing my journey of becoming a better artist is learning how to edit video as I post to YouTube. This video is prompted by questions by my wife, as she is now interested in learning how to edit video and produce epic looking cinematography...

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Sketch Art Marker Quality and Value

This week I learned a few things about art markers.  The art of putting value on sketches is a learned skill that is honed by practice, patience and persistence.  Color sketching is much akin to working with grilling cheeseburgers.   That is to say, as you grill burgers over a period of time, you’ll achieve better success as you realize what works best.   In effect, becoming a good cook is very analogous to being a good artist. Cooking with Markers As I sketched and used the various markers in my kit, I have become aware that each has a unique...

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Exercising Imagination

The subject of the creative mind and the origin of creative spirit is a recurring theme in philosophy and psychology. The Origin of Created Things Where does our imagination give existence to new thoughts, ideas, and art?  The conscious and subconscious mind processes all experiences in our lives, but each retains different amounts of information and differently. The conscious mind is aware of only between  5% and 10% of what happens, and is a poor witness of real-time events.  The subconscious mind, however, retains vast amounts of information and most everything that the conscious mind ignores.   The Creation...

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