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I was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma at the age of 24.    I’m a survivor.   My undergraduate degree was taken at Southwest Texas State University, with graduate studies at Texas A&M University, and the University of Texas at Austin School of Law.   I build, fix, and program computers.   I fly airplanes.  I play various musical instruments including the guitar, violin, and tuba.   I’m a gourmet foodie and I love both eating and cooking.  “Bigfoot” Spencer of Tennessee’s frontier era (1772) is a great Uncle, Lady Diana Spencer is a cousin.   I’ve been known to carry a camera and take pictures.  I love science, science fiction, and history.   I drive long distances with a smile.   I’m a fan of NASCAR and Texas Rangers baseball.

I’m a United States Marine Corps veteran.  I lived in Japan for a year, the Philippine Islands for six months, and visited a few other places around the globe including the Land Down Under.  I’ve traveled to most of the 50 US States.  I witnessed a revolution first-hand, and have actually touched a nuclear weapon.  I would like to visit Europe on an extended tour (Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Switzerland). Italian is my favorite ethnic food, though growing up in Texas I have a hanker’n for Mexican as well.  Texas BBQ is my favorite regional cuisine but I also love Cajun, Carolinian, and California dishes.   My priorities are the same as my forefathers:  God, Family, Community.

I live by the motto that Life is an Adventure.   How we choose to live our life is dependent upon the choices that we make in life – both good and bad.  My goal is to make good choices in life and help others make choices that enhance their own life.

Other than that . . .

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” — Rhett Butler

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