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Sunset out West along the Owyhee

Sunset out West along the Owyhee

in the late afternoon, I drove along an old road going to Lake Owyhee. Along the way, in a valley in the high range, I stopped and parked at a farm and cattle ranch. Before me were fields still green under the snow, and behind me were a few dozen head of beef. If you sat still, you could hear the coyotes calling in the distance as the sun was setting. You could hear them progress as they walked across the range.

Would I rather be on a tropical beach in Cancun? I don’t know. I’ve spent time in both places, as many have before me, but I think that being out of doors on the side of the road somewhere remote (anywhere) and watching the sunset is a great experience. No horns. No sirens. Just the sound of some cattle, some coyotes and the soft winter breeze blowing cold air over the hills. Would I be warmer in Cancun? Sure, I would. But, when I’m on the side of the road – whether in the Texas Hill Country, or the Mountain West, or the Prairies, or Rocky Hills, or in Appalachia – I am mindful of the one who created it all. I feel close to God when I’m out here. So, I’m sharing this bit of heaven with you – so that you can feel closer to Him, as I did, listening to the coyotes, and the cattle and the soft cold winter breeze.

Near the old Oregon Trail in the High Range Valley of the Owyhee Mountains.

Near the old Oregon Trail in the High Range Valley of the Owyhee Mountains.

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Jeffrey W. Spencer

Jeff is a 25+ year survivor of stage IV melanoma cancer. He describes himself as an outdoorsman, though he is a technology professional and primarily works at a desk. He is a veteran of the USMC. His undergraduate studies were taken at SWTSU (Government/English), with graduate studies at Texas A&M (Philosophy), and the University of Texas at Austin School of Law. His hobbies include photography (landscape, travel), painting, writing, and computers. He lives with his wife and some dogs in the Texas Hill Country.

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