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My Journey To Be A Better Artist

“Fake people control their online presence to project an image of how they want to be seen.

Genuine people don’t give a crap and just share who they are.”

I’ve said in the past that my YouTube channel is about My Journey to be a better artist.

Sadly, I’ve not shared very much of my journey.  Mostly because of fear and a feeling of not being good enough

What do I have to offer?

Today – starting with this video –  I’m going to tackle my fear and make a change.

How can I claim that this is a my journey to be a better artist if I don’t share the journey?    

The recent decision by YouTube regarding eligibility requirements for their partnership program, has made me think hard about my focus.

I want to create and share inspirational videos of my journey for the right reasons.  

If a 53 year old nerd can do this — anybody can do this.

By the way , the video above is taken at Berry Creek Park on a cold foggy morning in Georgetown Texas where I took a morning walk.  I love walking in the morning.   I could have done without the cold rain, but alas – I still enjoyed the crisp morning air.

Now, I’ve tried different video production ideas on my YouTube channel – but I think I need to focus on my mission, get over my fear of sharing my art, and keep my eyes on the road as I make this journey.

I’m going to share with you the entire enchilada plate of art, complete with cheese.  

If you watched my previous videos or read some of my previous blog entries, you might be aware that my mother passed away last year.   Before her death, she and I shared a drawing of a horse.  One of my goals has been to improve my drawing skills such that I can return to painting on an oil canvas a version of this same horse.

So – with this in mind, here is today’s attempt at a drawing of “the horse.”   

I’ve not yet given this repeated subject a name.   I’m not sure if it’s necessary to do so, but maybe I’ll call it Clarence.   This is where I am today. I continue my journey to be a better artist.  I hope you will join me as I begin to share more of my journey of becoming a better artist.

About The Author

J.W. Spencer

JW describes himself as an outdoorsman, though he is a technology professional. He is a veteran of the USMC. His undergraduate studies were taken at SWTSU, with graduate studies at Texas A&M, and the University of Texas at Austin. His hobbies include driving long distances, painting, writing, and finding interesting out of the way places. He also likes burnt toast and dark German beer. He lives deep in the Texas Hill Country at the Bull Creek Ranch with his wife Traci and their dogs - an Jack Daniels (Aussie), and Samuel Adams (Bichon Frise).

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