Different Strokes

I tried to paint this time from memory – without Bob playing in the background. I missed some things I should have included in the painting, got some things wrong, included some things he didn’t, and blended a bit too much.

Oh well. It still looks kinda cool even if I lack still with oil painting.

Bob Ross, Joy of Painting, Season 1 Episode 2

Regardless, this is my attempt at creating a painting based upon the work of Bob Ross in Season 1 Episode 2 of the Joy of Painting. The episode is titled Mt. McKinley.

I’m calling my lame attempt – A Freaking Mountain. Or maybe I should call it “A Mountain of Paint”

I used way too much paint when compared to what Bob did. But, I guess it works out because I’ll be able to get some good Gamblin paint quicker. Regardless, I hope that you’re having a good day and you’ll watch this and let me know what you think — even if you laugh. It’s okay. I’m not an artist. Yet. =)

Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting, Season 1 Episode 2, Mt McKinley

Music Courtesy of https://epidemicsound.com
Happy Dance – Christian Andersen
Satellite Love (Instrumental Version) – Vacancy
Hit the Street 2 – Marc Torch