I have not uploaded to my YouTube channel recently.

My fear of “not being good enough” overcame me as I contemplated my journey in art.   I felt unworthy.   But, I had a breakthrough.

I realize that I am not and will never be a great artist.

I am, however, a nearly 30 year survivor of Stage IV Melanoma.  I love having fun creating art.

So, what’s the harm in showing you the joy I have creating art?

This painting was inspired by the late Bob Ross. It’s not the fact that I am going to master the craft, but I’m going to have fun.

I want to share with  you some good news.   Life is worth living.   Do not be afraid to live, and embrace God’s love.   Just accept it.   It’s okay.

So today – my inspiration will hopefully become yours.    Philippians 4:8 is my favorite scripture.

I leave you with this — “Finally Brethern, . . . think on these things.”


The music used in this video is courtesy of https://epidemicsound.com