A Hillbilly Thanksgiving

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My mother is a Hillbilly. It’s true. She was born in the wild Appalachian Mountains of Northern Kentucky and lived in a hollow that only received an average of two hours of sunlight each day. Her family of 10 siblings lived in a house built by the hands of my grandfather without running water or electricity. They practiced self-sufficient living … Read More

The Mountain Man Trip

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Jackson, Wyoming is a very pretty town.  It’s also very crowded in the middle of June with people.   In fact I think the population of Jackson is larger than any other town in Wyoming during peak trap season.  I think I misplaced my mojo in the middle of town with all of the German tourists who were staring at … Read More

Sunset out West along the Owyhee

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Near the old Oregon Trail in the High Range Valley of the Owyhee Mountains.

in the late afternoon, I drove along an old road going to Lake Owyhee. Along the way, in a valley in the high range, I stopped and parked at a farm and cattle ranch. Before me were fields still green under the snow, and behind me were a few dozen head of beef. If you sat still, you could hear … Read More

A Little Wiggle In My Waddle

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The Road to Utopia

I went on a short camping trip with my father last week in the Texas Hill Country.   Many of the pictures that I came back with contained reflections of nature in water.   My plan was to catch a grand picture encompassing the raw beauty from a hilltop vista, looking down on a valley.   I did find this picture.  In fact, … Read More

The Creation of Life and the Life of Creation

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Crossing Over The River

  Yesterday I had a “feeling” about visiting the San Antonio River Walk.   Don’t ask me why.  I just did.  I’m psychic.  Well, some might call it psychic.   I might call it “in-tune” with a small inner-voice, a prompting if you will.  We’re all endowed with this gift from God.  Call it an intuition or a gut check if you … Read More

The Church of Baseball

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Admit it. The World Series is like an annual Church Conference. That’s why it’s called the Church of Baseball General Conference. Here I am watching the 2nd game of the World Series in the 8th inning and the bases are loaded. Everybody in Detroit is praying. Everybody in San Fransisco is praying. You can hear the crowd chanting, yelling, and … Read More

2000 Audi TT OBDC code P1136

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My Audi TT is now 12 years old. I’m it’s second owner – and I’ve driven it for nearly 7 years now. It’s a classic German designed vehicle, with italian electronics (lambourgini), a modified Porche frame, and assembled in Hungary. The only thing designed by Audi other than the body shell is the 1.8T engine itself – which was used … Read More

Cutting Corners

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I was driving across Texas last Tuesday on my way to Houston on business.  Along the way, I was able to take some back roads which included driving through fields of corn and it got me thinking about helping people. Have you ever heard the term “cutting corners?”   You’ve no doubt heard it in regards to builders, ie: “This building … Read More

I ain’t afraid of no ghost . . .

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An Oatmeal Sky

After work today, I traveled back to Oatmeal Texas. I had found what I thought was an old abandoned house that appeared to be built in the 1880s – a narrow depth two story home that looked like an old style Texas ranch house. I had thought that it was empty, it had no drapes, no blinds, and appeared to … Read More

Black Bean Soup and Sour Dough Bread

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Black Bean Soup and Sour Dough Bread

I love good soup. I love good soup with good bread even more. And my mother always said that the way to a persons heart is through the stomach.   This past weekend, my wife and I stopped at a bistro that occupies a building that was built in 1885.  It shares the space with a quirky and eclectic apparel shop … Read More