The home of JW Spencer is deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, near the Llano Uplift, between the Colorado and San Gabriel Rivers.  In fact, the home is near the path of the old Chisholm Trail, where cowboys in the 1880’s drove cattle north to the rail road. The traditions and values of generations of Texans remain the same today.   So, take a seat on the back porch and enjoy the sunset.

 JW Spencer

JW was diagnosed and treated for Stage IV melanoma at the age of 25.   His undergraduate degree was taken at Southwest Texas State University, with graduate studies at Texas A&M University, and the University of Texas at Austin School of Law.   He builds, fixes, and programs computers.   He flies airplanes.  He plays the guitar, violin, and tuba.   He is learning to play piano, and is a gourmet chef.

“Bigfoot” Spencer of Tennessee’s frontier era (1772) is his great Uncle, Lady Diana Spencer is a cousin.  He’s been known to carry a camera and take pictures.  He loves driving long distances, and does so with a smile.

A United States Marine Corps veteran, JW lived in Japan for a year, the Philippine Islands for six months, and visited a few other places around the globe including the Land Down Under.  He’s traveled to most of the 50 US States and still looks forward to cross-country adventures to this day, when he can go exploring.

JW resides in the Texas Hill Country with his wife and a couple of dogs.  He’s acclimated to the Texas heat and appreciates living so close to Hell.

JW is devoted to the humorous and meaningful side of life and the simple things that bring joy and comfort in life, including becoming a better human, and leading an invigorating life dedicated to lifelong learning, leadership, and faith.