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Texas Hill Country Wildflower Tour 2017

The Texas Hill Country comes alive each Spring with wildflowers.  Wildflower season also coincides with Austin’s SXSW festival, which welcomes worldwide visitors from various industries: high tech, music, film, and the arts.   The fact that SXSW happens at the same...

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Studio Update

I’m currently about 80% done towards completion of my studio.  Unfortunately, I’ve hit some snags and unexpected challenges.   These are primarily related to covering the previous wall colors evenly and without splotchy effects.  Perhaps I should have used a...

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Road Trip to Waco

Taking a road trip with the purpose of creating a YouTube video to share with family is a different experience.  Normally, going on a road trip at our house involves having a different goal in mind, such as visiting with family or friends, with the ancillary goal of...

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A Splash of Paint

In the introduction video on my YouTube channel (jeffwspencer), I stated that my primary goal is to share adventures and life with family far removed by distance.  My tertiary purpose is to share the journey of learning to be a better artist as I learn how to smoosh...

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Past is Prologue

In a past blog post, I wrote about the untimely death of my sister-in-law, Kelli Hysell, who passed two weeks after her 46th birthday.   One of the impacts of Kelli’s death has been an intense desire to connect with family who are far...

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The Evening That Came To Soon

Habits Habits in our daily lives can be lost when someone we know dies.   This is especially true if the death involves a family member with whom we developed a daily habit in our life.   Kelli Burbank Hysell is my sister-in-law, who...

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Dad’s Easy Yeast Rolls

This is a yeast roll recipe that is used in our house for rolls and bread. Different than most, it has a high fat content with shortening and eggs. This is a consistent bread - and you will crave these rolls as no other. Make enough for everybody - or you'l be sorry....

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Review: 2016 VW Passat SE TSI

A New Car This is my review of the 2016 VW Passat SE TSI, which my wife and I picked up last month.  When we turned the key, it had 7 miles reading on the odometer from our dealer, Hewlett Volkswagen in Georgetown Texas.   We took advantage of VW’s labor day sales...

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Travel with Open Eyes

Trip Preparation Earlier this month (October 2016) my wife and I finished a five thousand five hundred mile round trip that covered eleven (11) States from Texas, to the Oregon coast, and then back again to the Texas Hill Country.   A conscience effort was made during...

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